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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Your teachers are Mr Hughes in Class 5 and Mrs Phillips in Class 6. We have Mrs Micek-Bettison to support us in class.

Forest School Celebration


Year 2 have worked extremely hard this half term on their SATs and the best thing about it was that the children didn't realise they had actually completed them until we told them in the last week.  As a special treat we took the year group out into forest school for the whole afternoon. Children enjoyed running through the trees, making dens, playing hide & seek and making bow and arrows and other tools.

We are extremely proud of all of them for all their hard work and enthusiasm.

Year 2 Residential - Edwinstowe 2018


We all had a great time visiting Sherwood Forest for our residential.  We climbed trees, made dens, constructed bows and arrows, went on a bug hunt and also made Easter bunny houses.  We listened carefully to the sounds we could hear in the forest and could also smell some very "interesting" scents!

In the hostel we had a delicious meal in the evening and enjoyed the DVD before bedtime.  We all settled down quickly and we had a good nights rest before the start of the new day.  Everyone tucked into a hearty cooked breakfast before we walked back in the forest.

For some of us it was our first time away from home; we were a little nervous but there was nothing to worry about.  We had a great time and have lots of happy memories.

Going Out in the Snow

With all the news of the 'Beast from the East' it was expected that there would be some snow falling at some point. It just so happened that there was a heavy snowfall at break time. What should we do? Go outside of course!

The Great Fire of Richard Bonington


After completing our work on the Great Fire of London we decided it would be a great end to the topic to let the children experience the real Great Fire.  Lots of children decided they wanted to see their houses go up in smoke!

Mrs MB and Mr Hughes were our fire safety marshalls with buckets of water on hand just in case.  The children talked about what they knew and remembered about the fire in London and were able to see how ferocious it would have been especially with all the houses built so close to each other. Once the fire was started in Pudding Lane it quickly spread along all the houses and the were able to see the houses they had made disappear as they were devoured by the flames. We all had a great time though and it was a brilliabt opportunity for the children to talk about what they had learnt and recall key facts and vocabulary.

The Great fire of London - Tudor Houses


Over the half term holiday you were challenged to construct a Tudor house that looks just like houses we have seen in pictures about the Great Fire of London.  We were blown away by the high standard and workmanship that you have all put into them and wanted to share them with everyone to see on our year group page.  Well done to everyone who constructed at home, it looks like you all had a great time working together with your family to make your model.

Mr Hammond's visit - Thursday 19th October


The children really enjoyed Mr Hammond's visit yesterday. They learnt about different artefacts which have been found from during the time of The Great Fire of London. These things included pottery, sewing needles, bones and many more.

Ask your child which was their favourite artefact and why? I bet it was the potty!

Kidnap The Parents 09.06.17

Thanks to all the parents who came along to Kidnap the parents and read with the children. We had a great time in year 2 and hope we see you all again next time!

(We will try to get more cushions so it's a bit more comfortable).

Rhyme Rocket

Rhyme Rocket 1
Rhyme Rocket 2
Rhyme Rocket 3
Rhyme Rocket 4

Well done to everyone in Class 6 who achieved 100% attendance this term :)

Well done to everyone in Class 6 who achieved 100% attendance this term :)  1

Science & DT


This week we have been looking at materials and their properties. Yesterday we designed and made our own rainforest tents out of a variety of materials and tested how functional the materials were.

Some of the materials would have left us as very soggy campers!

We found that bubble wrap was the best material as it was strong, flexible and waterproof.


For comic relief 2017 we all dressed 'Funny for Money'


We had some very funny looking outfits in Class 5; socks on hands, odd shoes, dressing gowns and pants on heads!


Here are some of our favourite pictures form the day...


Class 6 Science week 2017