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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'


Sam's Snowflake

Poor Sam, he wants to spend Christmas with his dad but he has gone into the forest and gets lost in the snow. Will dad return before Christmas Day?

Story Telling with Mrs Jones

We love stories that Mrs Jones and Phonics Fred tell us. Find somewhere warm to snuggle up and listen to this new adventure.

The Christmas Story

Mr Beard reads the Christmas Story for you.

Baby Bear's Christmas Kiss

Find out what happens when the whole family get together for Christmas, but someone doesn't have a present under the tree!

Mouse's Christmas Wish

What would you wish for this Christmas? I wonder if you will wish for the same things as Mouse? Find out what they wish for in they story read by Mrs Jones.

A Long Way From Home

Join Mr Hughes as he reads this story about a little rabbit who gets lost whilst searching for the North Star.

A Christmas Wish

Join Mrs Jones and Phonics Fred as they snuggle down and read this story of a traditional family Christmas.

Big Bear, Little Brother

Friendship comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. In this story we learn that being different shouldn't stop you being friends.

The Night Before Christmas

Join Mrs Lamb as she reads you the story of The Night Before Christmas. What happens in your house on the night before Christmas? Do you have any traditions ...

The Night Before Christmas

What happens in your house on the night before Christmas? I wonder if anything form this story happens in your house. That would be exciting wouldn't it.

Big Bear, Little Bear

What is it like being so small? Find out as Little Bear explores the chilly cold.

When Granny Saved Christmas

Find out what it is like for a family as they prepare for Christmas at Granny's house. How will Father Christmas find them? Don't worry, Granny has a plan!