Together we will make a difference to the lives of our children

On Tuesday 15th December Key Stage One will perform their Nativity story at 10:00am. The Foundation Stage will show their performance at 2:00pm.
On Wednesday 16th December the Foundation Stage will perform at 10:00am and Key Stage One at 2:00pm.
It's Panto time on Monday 30th Nov for years 1-6. Children will return to school at approx. 6pm.
On Thursday 26th November year 5 had a visit from Dave Gibbs. Dave works for ESERO and came to work with us on a project linked to Tim Peake's space mission. Could they get Tim Beak (aka an egg) landed safely?
Year 5 impressed with their engineering and science skills whilst having lots of fun. Well done!
School Disco!
Get your dancing shoes ready. The disco is on Thursday 17th December from 3.40 - 5pm.
£2.00 entry.
RBPS were awarded the PSQM silver award on Thursday 19th November at a formal presentation evening at Birmingham's Think Tank. Well done to the children and staff - very well deserved.



Message from Mark North, Head Teacher

Welcome to our school website. We hope that you find this site informative giving you a good overview of some of the excellent life that we and our pupils share together as we seek to make our school a place of high quality learning and interaction. Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery School strives for the highest quality in delivering success to its pupils. We see our school as a place not only as a means to learning about facts, figures, and different skills but primarily as a shared learning community.

We value and look after the needs of every child and strive to make sure that all of our pupils enjoy their time here. It’s a place to grow in friendship and life learning and when your children leave at the end of Year 6 we always hope to send them off being fully equipped to walk well through the rest of their education and life.

As parents we often remember our own school days, sometimes fondly, sometimes not! I want all of the children to feel special here and to enjoy their time at Richard Bonington. We aim to provide every child with the best quality education in a warm, respectful and caring environment and prepare our children with the priorities of today and the unknown of tomorrow. School is mainly about learning, but to be a successful school, education goes far beyond the Early Years and National Curriculum. This is why we place an enormous amount of importance on the behaviour of the children and staff.

  • We believe that learning takes place more effectively in a calm, well structured environment where mutual respect exists among staff and pupils.
  • We expect mistakes to occur and welcome them as opportunities to learn.
  • We accept that children are not learning machines and that they need to behave like children in order to grown into adults.
  • We know that the most effective learning takes place when children are interested and motivated, so we know that our classrooms must be lively, engaging, interesting places in which the teacher is also the ‘lead learner’.
  • We insist that the few rules that exist are kept to so that our school can function effectively and safely.
  • We welcome the thoughts and the help of those who know their children the best – you the parents. This is your school and you will always be welcome in it.

As a parent you will have lots of questions. Please ask as many as you wish, whenever you want. Education is an ever changing arena in which the pace of change can be bewildering. I am always happy to discuss the education of your child with you. Simply ring school or pop in to see me. If I can’t see you immediately we can arrange a mutually convenient time in the near future.

Enjoy our website and please remember to BLOG or Tweet us.