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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 8 WB 1.3.21


Today’s lesson is all about designing a map. We want you to design your own rainforest, but this time, we would like it in the format of a map. Think about using a key to show specific objects such as human dwellings, animals, plant life, rivers & landmarks.

Rainforest Maps Symbols

Monday Topic Work


Today you are going to be learning about the life cycle of a frog. Look through the PowerPoint and then create a poster to show the life cycle by looking at the examples at the end of the PowerPoint.

Tuesday Topic Work


Today we would like you to choose an animal to research and then create your own life cycle in a similar style to the one of a frog you did on Tuesday. We would love to see these, so please email us a picture 😊.


Today is World Book Day and we want to celebrate the joy of reading. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to listen to some live stories and we have also created a learning menu for you to choose some activities from. We would love to see pictures/videos of what you have done and share them in our lockdown gallery.



Over the past few weeks you have completed workouts by repeating an action for 30 seconds and then having a rest for 30 seconds before repeating a new action for 30 seconds. This week it’s time to get creative and create your own workout following this same structure. Can you come up with at least 10 different actions that you could include in your workout? Use a timer to time the 30 second intervals (or just count to 30 in your head or aloud). Then once you’ve done all 10 actions for 30 seconds each (with a 30 second rest in between) you need to repeat the whole lot one more time. This will mean you whole workout will last for 20 minutes. You can do your own warm up before and a cool down after too if you want. You might want to do this task with another family member or you might want to create it yourself and then teach it to another family member. Hopefully this will be a fun way of keeping fit and something you can repeat anytime you want to do some exercise.


If your struggling for ideas then visit our PE page to watch Mrs Dalling and Mr Landa in their workout videos. You might also want to watch a bit of Joe Wicks’ recorded PE lessons to get some ideas. Be creative and have fun!