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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 7 WB 22.2.21



Did you know that there are many different types of plants and trees that grow in the rainforest? Some of these grow here in England too. Today’s lesson is to find out about all those different types of plants. Watch the video to find out some interesting facts ready to become an expert on one specific type of plant tomorrow.

Plants in the rainforest



Following on from yesterday lesson, we would like you to choose ONE type of plant to become an “expert” on. Once you have chosen your plant. Re- watch that section of the video. Then create a poster/fact file/PowerPoint presentation including facts and pictures with lots of detail to show what you have learnt.



Mrs Cookson will be teaching Music again today. You will get to sing the Jungle Boogie Woogie song, learn some body percussion accompaniment to a new song from Africa and put some sound effects to a jungle poem.

Year 2 Music Lesson 3

Sing our Jungle Boogie Woogie, learn the body percussion accompaniment for a new song from Africa and make up some sound effects for a rainforest poem.

I Just Can't Wait to Be King - The Lion King Body Percussion

Body percussion for I Just Can't Wait to Be King from Disney's The Lion KingNotation includes quarter note, eighth notes, half note, and quarter restLooking ...



For Science today, we are going to be thinking about adults and their young. Do all baby animals look like their adult? Which ones look similar? Which ones look completely different? Watch the video to see a range of different animals and their young and then complete the matching activity. Can you name all the animals? Which ones caused some confusion?


Animals and their babies

Find out the names for animals and their young.



Today’s PE lesson is with Miss Dalling. Join in with her workout and repeat the movements for 30 seconds (like the Joe Wicks workouts).

KS1 Workout

Have a go at this workout with Miss Dalling!