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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 6 WB 8.2.21

Introduction to alternative spellings for 'ar'


We will be investigating the alternative spelling choices for ‘ar’ this week. It is one of those phonemes where it’s tricky to select the correct spelling choice, but this week should help you become more familiar with the options and lots of different words containing the different choices. Today, play fastest finger and create a table.


PP 5c 'ar' alternatives Monday


Today we will play Picnic on Pluto to revisit previous phonemes.



For our main activity, complete the phoneme spotter and then add more words to your word bank/table.

PP 5c Tuesday 'ar' alternatives


For our revisit today you will play Sentence Substitution which will incorporate all Phase 5 phonemes.


Today you will have a go at spelling some words and then creating your own silly sentences.

PP 5c Wednesday 'ar'


We will play Fastest Finger again, but this time for Phase 3.

More writing today, in Dictated Sentences, you will become my secretary!

I have also included a couple of wordsearches to print off if you like!

PP Thursday 5c 'ar'