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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 5 Summer Term Home Learning (18.05.2020)

Monday 18th May 2020

Hello! Three Daily Things based on ‘Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon’

1) Look at the pictures, which ones show happy/sad/angry? How do you feel today?


2) What makes you happy? Ask an adult to write your answers like the sheet in the photo.


3) Marmaduke had ‘amazing wings’ in the story. Practise writing the letter ‘a’ and find 5 things in your house or garden beginning with ‘a’.

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning. Three Daily Things for ‘Sparklebeard’


1) Make yourself into a pirate by finding a pirate disguise.


2) Find some jewels and make a treasure chest.


3) Hide your treasure and see if someone in your family can find it. X 😎

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Today’s activities based on ‘Elmer and Rose’

1) Find out an interesting fact about elephants.


2) Play Phonics Pop There’s lots of great games you can play on this website.

3) Learn and sing '5 elephants came out to play'

Bonus activity today! 4) Miss Fraser's elephant craft

Thursday 21st May 2020

Morning! It’s a school day for me today. Lots of exciting things planned in the sunshine. Daily Three Things for ‘Atchoo!’


1) Using the animals in the story, sing Old MacDonald to someone in your family. Perhaps you could phone or FaceTime a relative?


2) What are your 3 rules for good behaviour?

 3) Practise writing your name and/or numbers to 10.


4) Enjoy the sunshine and be safe! 😎🌞

Friday 22nd May 2020

Morning. Last Daily Three Things until after half-term. Hope you all have a lovely week.

Watch ‘The Yoga Ogre’


1) Draw or paint the different balls he uses in the story, can you think of any more?


2) Which sport are you missing during lockdown?

3) Get sporty! Complete Miss Hodson’s challenge X