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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 4 Spring Term Home Learning (25.01.2021)

Monday 25th January 2021


This week we are are continuing our animal theme with 'mythical creatures'. Today's story is 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler.


Three Things are;

1) Make your own dragon from resources you find at home. 

2) Would you make a good doctor? Solve the problems on this sheet.

3) Number turrets – use this idea to make your own version using numbers 1-5.

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Morning everyone, today's daily three things;


1) Make your own dragon eggs, follow the link for instructions.


2) Can you help Princess Pearl by drawing her some ingredients for her medicine?


3) Dragon rhyme time. Which words from the story are rhyming pairs? 

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Today's story is 'Sugarlump and the Unicorn' by Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks


1) Cosmic Yoga – Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams


2) Make your own unicorn board game, see photos for inspiration. Pick a card to move to a colour on the track.

3) Make your own unicorn art with any resources you have at home.  

Thursday 28th January 2021


Hello everyone, three daily things today are;

1) Circus addition sheet.


2) Science activity – investigate 3 different materials to help Marissa the Mermaid.

3) Find 5 things in your house that begin with ‘m’.

Friday 29th January 2021


Today's story is 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks.


Three Daily things are;

1) Draw or paint a seashell picture.

2) Listen to some music at home. Can you clap along to the beat?

3) Make some number cards, play ‘how many fingers’ with adult. When you’ve counted your adult’s fingers see if you can find the matching number card.