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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 2 WB 11.1.21


Topic - Geography


Where are the rainforests? Have a look through the PowerPoint presentation and watch the video below. Then see if you can colour in all the different rainforests onto the map. Did you know there were so many?

What is the rainforest?

LET'S EXPLORE . . . THE RAINFORESTThis Level 2 clip from "Let's Explore . . . The Rainforest" from One Smart Cookie Productions allows you ton discover what ...

Read this PowerPoint to find out more information about rainforests


Topic - Geography


Today’s lesson is all about the biggest rainforest, The Amazon. Have a read of the fact files we have given you (you might want to read this with a grown up) Then can you create a poster to show what you have learnt. This can be on paper, a PowerPoint, a word document or anything else you like. You do not have to send this back to us, but we would love to see them via the class email accounts so feel free to send us attachments.


Topic - Music and DT

Can your child use different parts of their body to make music e.g. clicking fingers, stamping feet. After this , ask your child to design a new instrument. This could be an instrument that belongs to the woodwind, brass or percussion family. They can draw and label their design and then make it using materials from the recycling. Does it work? Ask your child to record 3 ways they could improve their design.

Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaching Body Percussion on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'

Watch this video to give you some ideas on how to use your body to create music.


Topic - Geography

Based on the information you have learned about The Amazon Rainforest, we would like you to find out some information about an animal that lives there. We have attached some pictures of rainforest animals which you can colour and add your facts to.


Topic - PE

Today we are going to look at different ways we can move our bodies. Have a game of 'Simon says...' at home. Remember not to do the action if the instruction doesn't start with 'Simon says...'. Attached below are some challenge cards to see if you can do these different movements with your body. Can you make your own set of challenge cards for your family to do at home?

Friday PE Challenge Cards