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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Week 2 - 30/3/20


We hope you are all well and ready for the weekend. Here are links to the videos posted on YouTube today. 


Hello everyone, we hope you are well and finding lots of activities to keep you entertained and busy. Who has been keeping up with Joe Wicks PE sessions every day?

Two videos have been uploaded to twitter @RBPSF2 and onto YouTube for you to access and continue the learning journey. Your challenges today include:

  1. Tell us a joke and share a video with us
  2. Make your own 10 frame and then have a go at finding different ways to fill it. Use small objects [toys, pasta etc] to fill each box - 1 object in each box. Using Lego bricks would be good because of the different colours - if you have 4 red bricks, how many blue bricks would you need?
  3. Counting every day will be invaluable. Try counting as high as you can but then have a go at counting backwards. Start counting backwards from 5 and then 10. Can you count backwards from 20?
  4. Design your dream house. What rooms would you have in your dream house?
  • A Christmas room?
  • A swimming pool?
  • A room to draw in?
  • A racing track?

Don't forget to label each room, using your phonics to segment the sounds in each word. Remember to use correct letter formation for the letters, use the sheet we sent home with you - it's also on our first 'home learning' page for F2.

To view the videos that have been uploaded to YouTube, follow the links below.


Hello everyone, we hope you are all well and keeping safe. Today we have uploaded two new videos to YouTube for you to access. We hope you are finding these useful and lots to keep you busy. We have also seen lots of other nice ideas about how to keep practising your phonics, reading and maths work. Keep it up everyone. To watch these videos, please click on the links below.


Good morning everyone. Here are some activities to keep you busy today, we hope you enjoy them.

  1. Mrs Hall would like you to tell us a joke. Think of your funniest joke and get a grownup to video you telling it and share with us on twitter, our twitter is @rbpsf2
  2. Play a game of "I spy", but this time we want you to play it with rhyming words. "I spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with den." Think of some different rhyming words in your house.
  3. Make a time capsule. Lots of buildings have a time capsule buried underneath them that can be opened in 100 years. Yours doesn't need to be buried, but you might keep it somewhere safe in your house; maybe the back of a cupboard, on top of a wardrobe or maybe you might put it up in the loft. Write a letter to yourself for when you are older. Draw a picture of your family, make sure everyone is the right size. Put in a newspaper or print something off the internet with todays news.

We hope you enjoy these activities and find lots of different things to do, you can view a video of all these on YouTube: Tuesday 31st March

Don't forget the bedtime story tonight at 6:30pm. Stay safe and see you all soon.


Good morning everyone, in my garden I have hidden 9 objects that start with he phoneme 'd', can you name them all and try segmenting the phonemes you can hear in them? Write them in a list or try writing a sentence "In the garden I can see..."

You can view the video on you tube here: I can see... d


Good morning everyone, we hope you are well and had a good weekend.

Here are some jobs to try at home today.

1. Create a happiness journal - draw or write about 3 things each day that make you happy.

2. Invent a silly nursery rhyme - Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great banana.

3. Set up a snack shop with a grown up - ‘buy’ your snacks every day, have 10p to spend and buy an apple 2p, a biscuit that costs 1p and a fruit winder for 4p. How much did you spend? How much have you got left?

4. Play some board games with your family. Spot the pattern on the dice after your roll. Can you count the total number of spots in two dice? Who is the best at waiting for their turn? Don’t forget to congratulate the winner and show sportsmanship.

You can view a video with this information here: Monday 30th March


Can you spot the 10 objects in my back garden that begin with the phoneme ‘m’. Try to segment the sounds in each word by yourself. Try to write them in a list or start a sentence “In the garden I can see…”

Click on this link to view the video on YouTube: I can see...m phoneme hunt