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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'


It is really important that your child reads everyday. Reading is a key skill needed to access all areas of the curriculum and it is so important to spark a reading for pleasure in all children as early as possible. We have attached some reading tasks that you can pick and choose from and we will have a live story reading on Teams every weekday at 2:30pm. 


Reading for pleasure

Whether it be you sharing a story with your child or your child reading a story to you. Please enjoy this time together to unlock different worlds of adventure and excitement through different storybooks. If you have some picture books at home, your child could read the story to you using the pictures. 



Reading does not need to always be reading a book. If you or your child are really interested in a particular topic, you can research this online and share reading with your child that way. Using sites such as BBC bitesize, will give you lots of child-friendly texts to explore with your child.



There are some fantastic audiobooks to listen to on the sites listed below. 

Online stories to read