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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'


At Richard Bonington we learn the stories, practices and beliefs from many of faiths around the world. We also learn from those that follow no faith or practice Humanism.

In order to teach our children we use the Nottinghamshire SACRE scheme of work complimented by assemblies, celebration of festivals, visitors and trips to local places of worship.

Why teach RE?


Religious education (RE) makes a significant contribution to pupils’ academic and personal development. It also plays a key role in promoting social cohesion and the virtues of respect and empathy, which are important in our diverse society. 

Ofsted 2013

Elements of our RE curriculum

RE curriculum map

What is SACRE?

SACRE stands for Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education. Following the 1988 Education Act, when religious education was confirmed as a compulsory part of the curriculum, it became a statutory requirement for every Local Education Authority (LEA) to appoint a SACRE. Nottingham City SACRE is a member of the National Association of SACRE.

Assemblies and stories

Open the book Easter

Open the Book Song: Bensound - Relaxing

Open the Book Peace

Open the book Compassion


Celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi here in Arnold

Simple guides to religions of the world

Hinduism: my life my religion

Description: a hindu child talks about his faith. A film for KS2 RE

Christianity: My life, my religion

Description: A film about a Christian Child talking about faith. This is about Christianity for KS2 Religious Education.

What is Islam? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Islam

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Eleven-year-old Sara gives us a brief guide to her religion by describing the Five Pillars of Islam, the main rules Muslims try ...

What is Judaism? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Judaism

Suitable for teaching 7-14s. Suitable for ages 7 to 11. Eleven-year-old Charlie from Manchester introduces the history, traditions and beliefs of the Jewish ...

What is Sikhism? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Sikhism

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Eleven-year-old Simran introduces the Sikh religion and describes the key beliefs and practices in following the Sikh way of lif...