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Our school values

Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery School strives to be a warm and happy place that offers children opportunities and challenges that develop the whole child. We offer an inspiring curriculum and supportive learning environment that allows children to become lifelong learners, enabling everyone to achieve their potential- academically, socially and physically. Our school motto is...

Together, we make a difference.

RBPS Always code.

Our school values are encapsulated in our Richard Bonington Always Code.

  • Respect and value our school and community.
  • Believe in each other and celebrate success.
  • Participate and make every day count, aspiring to achieve your very best.
  • Support everyone, care for them and make them feel welcome.

Keys to success.

As well as teaching children curriculum knowledge, we believe it is vital to teach the attitudes or 'keys' that will make them successful learners.

  • Resilient learners
  • Independent enquirers
  • Team workers
  • Creative thinkers
  • Reflective learners.

We spend a half-term embedding each one of these.  Each half-term teachers will nominate a child who has embraced this 'key' to receive a certificate in assembly.