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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Myths and legends

Myths and legends

This term whilst studying the Romans we are reading some of their Myths and Legends.


The Romans knew these stories really well. The stories were used to teach, set a moral example and above all to entertain.


Heroes like Hercules and Perseus would have been entertained children and adults just as much as the movies we watch today.


Monsters like the Gorgon or the Kraken would have facinated children and scared the weak hearted just as much as any RL Stine book does today. 


Disasters such as an earthquake or even the Corona Virus today would have been explained as the will of the Gods, and tribute and sacrifice would have been made to put things right.


The sharp eared amongst you, perhaps those as clever as Odysseus himself will have noticed that we are reading Greek legends and our topic is the Romans. Well the Romans and the Greeks shared a lot of their culture, histories and stories. Even the founding story of Rome comes form the stuff of legends and the Fall of Troy. So enjoy the stories but notice that some of the names of the Gods, heroes and villains will be different. It's interesting to find out the different names.
This would be a great place to put some of your art work based on the myths and legends you've heard. Throughout history artists and storytellers have been inspired to create by these amazing tales. What will you come up with?

The Cyclops, one of the children of Poseidon