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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether, 'we make a difference'

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

Home Learning

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to our home learning page, we hope you find the video lessons uploaded here useful.

Guide to Keywords


We sent this information sheet out earlier in the year, but thought it would be useful to resend it as it has some ideas to help at home. We have also put an update at the end.

Don't forget to continue reading with and to your child. Children love to hear stories again and again and this helps develop confidence in reading and to build a love for reading. If you are able to you can visit the library to change books, every child received a book at Christmas from Father Christmas and they also had a book from the Book Trust. Try to find copies of books that you loved as a child and share these with them when you can both relax together.

Letter and Number Formation


Here are images of our letters and numbers showing how we have been trying to learn how to form them when writing. Some are more tricky than others! There is a useful starting dot and children should know the direction to continue to complete the letter or number.

Don't write over the letters and numbers on one sheet, use it as a guide to remind you. Practise them in the books we sent home, on pieces of paper or in notebooks and use different things to write with: pencils, crayons, pens, felt tips etc. Have a go at writting over the letters a few times with different colour pencil crayons to make rainbow writing. You might also like to try doing letters and numbers in other ways;

  • writing them in bean juice on your dinner plate
  • sprinkle flour on a plate and write in that
  • letters and numbers on the times at bath times
  • bathtime crayons
  • chalk letters and numbers on the patio
  • paint brushes dipped in water on the outside wall and patio
  • sprinkle compost in a tray and for letters and numbers
  • use paints and write letters and numbers with your fingers



Here are all 9 sets of our rainbow keywords (plus 3 bonus white words). Children have been progressing well through their words since the start of the year, and we know they enjoy playing games with them to learn them at home. Please only move onto the next set when they feel confident reading their current colour, as practising too many new words at once can be a little daunting and decrease their confidence. Don't forget to have a go at writing the words either in the books we sent home, on blank pieces of paper or in a notebook. Practise copy writing them at first, but then when they are more confident have a go at writing the words from memory. Children can also try inventing and writing their own sentences using all the keywords they know as well as using their phonics to segment other words.