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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

Home Learning Maths/English Week 3 Summer Term

Welcome to Week 3 of home learning! We hope you have had a great week, even thought the weather wasn't so kind to us. Hopefully, you have started to get into a good routine now and are finding the activities enjoyable. NEW THIS WEEK! We have added some online stories (including Mrs Holbrooks' stories), Wake and Shake links in the PE section and a photo gallery with pictures of some of you working hard at home. We are impressed with how you are adapting to working from home and we are enjoying seeing what you have been up to. If you have not already done so, please reply to the email we sent out to everyone so we know you are all ok and accessing the activities. Also, keep checking the videos section for any new ones. We hope to hear from you next week too! Have a fantastic week smiley



You can access this weeks maths online by clicking on the link below and it will take you directly to the work for Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 4th May) or you can find the activity and answer sheets below.




Daily Warm Up 

Click - Level 2 - Division - Choose a division to suit your ability


Fact Families

Look at this link below that shows what a fact family is:





Daily Warm Up 

Click - Level 2 - Doubling/Halving - Halving up to 20


Comparing Signs

Look at the links below that look at comparing signs:



Daily Warm Up 

Click - Level 2 - Doubling - Up to 20


Base 10

Look a the link below that will help you with the base 10 questions, remember we use this practically in the classroom.




Daily Warm Up 

Click - Level 2 - Addition - Missing Number calculations up to 20


Adding and Subtracting 1's

Use this 100 square to support with the activities below



Daily Warm Up 

Click - Level 2 - Addition - Missing Number calculations 2 digit numbers


Number Bonds/Times Tables and Arithmetic Practise


  • Race against your parent with writing your times tables.
  • Make a song or a chant with your times table.
  • Say your times table out loud in different voices.
  • Beat your best time with your times table.
  • Choose your times table on the Daily 10 website

Choose a few pages to have a go at mentally

Extension Maths Challenges



Reading reminder- if your child goes to Lexia with Mrs MB login details have been put in reading and storytelling section.

Monday 04/05/20



This week we are looking at the spelling patterns -suffixes-ment-ness-ful-less-ly -common exception word-any









For children who go to daily phonics with Mrs MB and Mrs Evans see the support section for phonics on the Year 2 page and look at today's phonic spellings and activity there.


For today's spelling lesson go to BBC Small Town Superheroes game and have a go at the COMPOUND WORDS game to reinforce last week's spellings.

Now go onto the PREFIXES and SUFFIXES game which explains the meaning of a prefix and suffix. Follow the link below-


After you have played some of these games practise this week's spellings on the attached LOOK, COVER, SAY, WRITE, CHECK sheet. If you are unable to print it out just write them on paper.
Extension activity- If you have time have a go at some of the other spelling and phonics games on Small Town Superheroes

Tuesday 05/05/20

Bee and Me by Alison Jay

We are going to have a look at this lovely story this week. If you need to, re-watch the story of the book which was put on last Friday's work. 

Use the pictures below to answer the questions on the worksheet.

You can print out the worksheet or just answer them on paper.




Wednesday 06/05/20

BEE and ME by Alison Jay

This is a summary of the book...

Told entirely in pictures, this is the story of a special friendship and demonstration of all that bees do for our world. A bee strays into a dusty city and through an open window where a little girl is reading a book about flowers.  She helps the exhausted bee, feeding it a solution of sugar and water, and a friendship develops. They fly out into the country where they collect seeds, scattering them over the city on their return. When autumn comes, the bee leaves, but when she returns in the spring, the city is transformed, streets and rooftops sprouting grass and wild flowers. The difference between a world with and without bees is clear for all to see.




It is a lovely book about taking care of our world but also about kindness and friendship.

Today we are going to think about the wonderful friendship that develops between the girl and the bee. Look at the pictures below from the book and talk about the things they like to do together...

Think about how you like to spend your time with your friends. During this stay at home time we haven't been able to see our friends but we might talk to them on the phone, play computer games with them or even write them letters. Choose one or more of the friendship activities to do. If you want to you could even write a letter to a friend or send them a message!


Thursday 07/05/20



My Adventure with Bee


The Little girl went on a fantastic adventure with Bee. Draw yourself on Bee's back and write about where you would go together.

Look at some of the pictures below to get some ideas…

Think about the journey there and the wind in your hair… How do you hold onto Bee?

What does the place look like when you land?

Who or what do you see there?

How do you and bee get home?

Write your adventure on the sheet provided or do it on your own paper. Happy travelling!




Friday 08/05/20


It's Friday! Today is VE day. Look at the powerpoint and talk about what it means and how people are celebrating it today! There are lots of clips on the BBC and online to watch that tell you all about it. You can have a go at the comprehension sheets below or you can make a poster to put on your door. Have a go at some of the activities that we have put in the topic section and enjoy your day!