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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Hi Year 3,

We hope you are all ok. Thank you so much for those of you who have emailed us. It is great to hear from you as we really are missing you. Any pictures you send us will be added to the Year 3 achievement gallery on here. 


Yesterday was April Fools Day, did you play any tricks on anyone? I did manage to play some tricks on Mr Rex. 


Have you seen any of the challenges Mr Middleton has set? If you haven't give them a try. 


Please email if you have any questions or need any help with anything while the school is closed but most of all try to have some fun, be creative, play.


Take care

Miss Tutin, Mr Rex and Mr Middleton 


A message from Mr Rex

Still image for this video
Mr Rex is learning how to make mini movies. Can any of you make a mini movie? If you are allowed try and make one and send it us in.



Hi Year 3.


We are still missing you all LOTS and we hope you are staying safe.


Did anyone join in clapping for the NHS last week? Have any of you made any rainbows for your windows? I think the theme this week is 'Silly Faces' so we are looking forward to seeing some in the windows on our journeys to school in the mornings. 


We have uploaded some more tasks underneath the heading 30/3/20.The top document we have uploaded has got lots of activities for you do do over the next few weeks. We have included an email address in case you wanted to send in any pictures of your work for the website. Remember you can complete the tasks in any order and you are not expected to do everything. If however you do complete everything then maybe you could start you own research project. 


Don't forget to use daily 10, Hit the Button and TT Rockstars. You should also be reading daily. 


Try to have fun at home and maybe enjoy time being creative,  gardening, baking or even helping your parents to cook dinner. 


Take care year 3. 


Miss Tutin, Mr Rex and Mr Middleton

Hi Year 3, 


Below we are going to start setting you some fun daily (or as regular as possible) stay at home challenges to both challenge you and your familes.The challenges will be fun and either linked to the crazes that are happening all over social media or just some that we have made up ourselves. 


We will video ourselves introducing the challenge and also having a go at them too.


You can also send a video of yourself attempting the challenges and if you want, you can send them to our school email addresses. We might even put some up on the school website! 


Remember this is just for fun and we can't wait to see how you get on with them.


Take care everyone,


The year 3 team!

The Toilet Roll KIck Up Challenge (Tuesday 31/03/2020)

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Watch the video to see our first stay at home challenge. Also you can watch the youtube link of footballers, including Messi, having a go at the our challenge.

Good luck!

Hand Washing Song Challenge (Wednesday 01/04/2020)

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Apologise for the terrible singing in todays challenge video. I am sure you guys will sound a lot better than me. In this challenge you need to create a song (20 seconds long) to sing whilst washing your hands. You can change the lyrics of a favourite song like I did or even just create a completely new one. Here are some other examples and useful websites.
Baby shark
Lyric finding site
A poster to help think of ideas

Recreate Something You Miss Challenge (Friday 03/04/2020)

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The next Stay at home challenge is to recreate something that you miss in your own home. As a nation, we are doing a great job at staying at home but we can't help missing some things. Something I have learnt though is that with a bit of creativity you can actually recreate most things in your own home. I, for example, have missed going to the pub quiz on a Wednesday night with my friends. We now video call each other and create our own quiz each Wednesday. Watch the video for some more ideas. Remember be creative, stay at home and have fun!