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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

Home Learning

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to our home learning page, we hope to update this page regularly with suggested learning ideas, links and videos to support you at home. Don't forget that we will be trying to put 'Daily Three Things' challenges on the twitter page. You can follow us on @RBPSNursery or follow this link:

Thursday 26th March 2020
Sorry, I’ve been neglecting the website in favour of our Twitter page but realise that not all of you may be accessing it so I’m going to duplicate as much as I can here from now on. If you can join up and follow the Twitter account please do! It’s been amazing to get instant responses to Tweets and be able to communicate with parents and children. Take care everyone. 😘

You can also email me if you need anything,

At school we've been using Beebots to learn basic programming skills. There is a great Beebot app you can download for Apple devices which your children will love using. They will need some adult help. We've used the words; forward, backwards and turn for the buttons. 



Announcing "P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Tune in for Joe Wicks, 'the Nation's PE teacher'! 9am every morning live on YouTube.

We love singing at Nursery and wanted to share some of our favourite songs with you. They may already be familiar! laugh

The Warm Up Stomp

These Are My Eyes

These are my eyes, these are my eyes, these are my eyes so I can see.
These are my ears, these are my ears, these are my ears so I can hear.
This is my nose, this is my nose, this is my nose so I can smell.
This is my tongue, this is my tongue, this is my tongue so I can taste.
These are my hands, these are my hands, these are my hands so I can feel.

1, 2, 3 Good To Be Me

Apples & Bananas | Super Simple Songs

Another favourite for snack time with a bit of phonics thrown in!

Hello Song

Nursery’s Favourite Easter Song!
Spring Chicken”🐣 We would have been singing this to you at our Easter Bonnet Parade so join in at home! 😃

Little Red Riding Hood

Wicked Mr Wolf!

Oh, Granny!

Goodbye Mr Wolf

What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? Nick Sharratt

Still image for this video

Well Done, Little Bear - Martin Waddell

Still image for this video

More stories available on my YouTube channel!!


Daily Three Things Week Two


Monday 30th March 2020

Morning everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Daily Three Things: 1) Look at my Numicon photos, can you count all the holes? 2) Measure something with your hands or feet. 3) Play “I Spy”. X


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Happy Tuesday everyone! Daily Three Things Today: 1) Do an indoor scavenger hunt, make it up or see below. 2) Play your favourite board game. 3) Pretend play doctors with your teddies/dolls.


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone. Daily Three Things are: 1) Draw a picture of someone in your family. 2) Make a thank you card to a key worker; maybe a neighbour, bin men, a shop worker. 3) Sing along with one of our Nursery songs or start learning the Spring Chicken song. X


Thursday 2nd April 

Hi everyone, I’m in school today having lots of fun with zoo animals! Daily Three Things today are: 1) Number 5 objects and practise putting them in order. 2) Find 5 things in your house that start with ‘s’. 3) Send me a photo of you with your favourite storybook. X


Friday 3rd April 2020

Daily Three Things: 1) Make an Easter bunny for your window. 2) AM children read your story bag book/ PM children talk about your favourite story or film character. 3) Check out the Oxford Owl website for a maths activity, click here. 😘


Morning everyone, last day for Three things until after the Easter holidays. I’ll leave you all in peace for a bit! 😉 Hope things have gone well at home over the last 2 weeks and you feel the balance of communication has been okay, please let me know if not. Take care. X

Daily Three Things Week One


Mon 23rd March

Morning everyone. Hope you all did Joe’s workout! I’m shattered. 🥵 here are the ‘Daily Three Things’ for today. 1) Play a game which has a dice. 2) Build an indoor fort. 3) Draw a flower or tree. Much love to you all. 😘


Tues 24th March

Morning everyone, hope you are well and happy. Daily three things today are, 1) make something you can post to an elderly relative or neighbour. 2) make a rainbow for your window. 3) practise writing your name (overwriting is fine). X


Weds 25th March

Morning everyone, we’re so lucky to see the beautiful sunshine! Daily three things are, 1)sing one of the Nursery songs  2) make a super veggie picture 3) count your teddies. X


Thurs 26th March

Morning! Daily three things: 1) Listen to this story  This is Our House and make something out of a box, anything! 2) Have a picnic, indoor or outdoors. 3) Choose a new way to play with your Lego Duplo, use this link 50 Duplo Play Ideas X


Friday 27th March

‪Morning, Daily Three Things today: 1) play hide n seek. 2) make something out of a toilet roll, see ideas below. 3) find 5 of something and write number labels for them. ‬



Toilet roll craft

Toilet roll craft 1
Toilet roll craft 2
Toilet roll craft 3
Toilet roll craft 4
Toilet roll craft 5
Toilet roll craft 6
Toilet roll craft 7
Toilet roll craft 8
Toilet roll craft 9
Toilet roll craft 10
Toilet roll craft 11
Toilet roll craft 12
Toilet roll craft 13
Toilet roll craft 14
Toilet roll craft 15