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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether,'we make a difference'

English task

Today you have got a quiz to complete on the Learning By Questions website.

We have done lots of work on PREPOSITIONS this year and you will be showing us what you know and what you can remember about nouns and prepositions.

So let's recap....


A NOUN is a PPT or a Person, Place or thing.


A preposition is where or when something is.


You can watch the bbc bitesize video first to help remind you if you like. 


There is also a grammar mystery challenge if you want something extra as well/

Make sure you do the learning by questions first though so we can see what you know.yes


Learning By Questions Quiz

Please find the code below to log into LBQ for today's prepositions quiz. You will firstly need to go to the website then type in the code below. The 17 questions will appear and children just need to work their way through them. We will get given their scores so we can see how they are getting on. Good luck :)

If you have completed the prepositions activities and you want a challenge, have a go at the SPAG mystery. You will need to think about spelling, suffixes and apostrophes. If you need a reminder see the link below first.