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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

RBPS Eco-Club

   smiley    It is competition time!

How would you like to win some goodies from  ?



Amy and Ella have asked for you to either:

  • Write an acrostic poem
  • Design a poster
  • Write a story 
  • Show how you've reduced your plastic at home


They need to be about plastic pollution or recycling plastic.

I would love for anyone to email me with their entries or even photos of you recycling and keeping the area tidy. The competition will run until September so no rush, take your time!


Thanks for reading, please keep your crisp packets, sweet wrappers and Pringle boxes. You can always drop them off at school while it is still open.

Richard Bonington Primary School, have had Amy and Ella Meek visit our school to promote their campaign about reducing plastic. 

The whole school enjoyed answering questions from the girls quiz about plastic. They were shocked to hear about how animals and birds are suffering from the plastic waste that hasn't gone to the proper channels to be wasted!

Amy and Ella are going to keep coming to RBPS, to offer advise to RBPS Eco-Club on ways we can recycle plastic and suggest ideas on what we can use instead of using plastic.


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Eco- Warriors!

I want to help the environment and stop killing the sea animals by reducing plastic!


I pick up rubbish outside my house to protect the animals so they are not hurt by either eating or getting trapped in it.

I joined because I want to save the environment.


I want to help animals that are suffering because of the way we use products.


The environment is important to us children. We are not treating it correctly. We need to act now!


I want to improve the environment and little changes are a start and that’s why I’ve joined.


I joined Eco- Club as I don’t like to see what’s happening to our environment! People are not disposing of their rubbish correctly.


I want to tackle global warming, by stopping the destruction of the rain forest and protecting animals.


I do Eco-Club because I want to protect the environment. Every little bit helps, just by putting our rubbish in the correct bins.


I am very passionate about the environment. I want people to realise that insects are important to our Eco.


I want to look at how we can improve disposing off our rubbish. Seeing plastic floating in our seas with creatures trapped inside.


Eco-Club were invited to The Arboretum, where they explored areas, looking for insects through microscopes and then used an insect identifier to name them.

SWAC (Schools Waste Action Club) visited our school to talk to the children in KS1 about how worms turn unwanted food into compost. The kids enjoyed having a hands on experience with the worms

SWAC came back to talk to KS2 in assembly. She told them about different ways we can recycle our waste. Making bowls out of recycled magazines or even a greenhouse out of plastic bottles.

Then SWAC talked to each individual class about how to reduce their lunch time waste and reduce using plastic.