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Year 6 ... send us a message!

Year 6, We'd love to hear how you're getting on at home. What have you been up to? Tell us something new that you've learnt this week! Maybe you've been learning a new sport in your back garden; maybe you've been tuning in to Joe Wicks every morning; perhaps you've mastered cooking a meal for your family for the first time! Let us know! Love Miss Potter, Miss Kelly and Mrs Cumberpatch

Your messages to us (and our responses!)



Homelearning  isn’t as fun because there is no one to talk to. I am doing Joe Wicks every morning and it’s really fun!

Our response:

What a great idea George! The key worker children are doing Joe Wicks workouts every day in school too! Why not put all your technical abilities into good practise and set up a zoom video conference with your friends? Make sure you get your parents' permission first though!


 Good Morning from the Middleton house, each morning we have done joe wicks p.e sessions followed by our  lessons. As-well as our lessons, we have been baking, cooking and drawing a lot. We also go out for our daily walk. I'm lucky I have a great family but I am missing my friends and teachers. Hope to see you all soon, From Ava


Our response:

Wow Ava! It sounds like you've been keeping yourself really busy! It's great to hear that you've been really creative with your learning! We miss you too and we can't wait to see you all again!


 Hi, hope everyone is well, I am not particularly enjoying working at home, my parents aren't really great at teaching but they are trying their best!!! We are doing some work and reading each day, I have also really enjoyed baking! We are playing lots of sports in the garden and taking the dog out for our evening exercise. Hope to see everyone soon!!


Our response:

Hi Matt! It's lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you're doing really well at home and that you've had lots of opportunities to do things that you wouldn't get to do so much at school! I'm sure your mum and dad are doing a brilliant job at teaching you! We hope to see you soon too! Stay safe!


This is some writing I have done!!


Our response:

We thought that George's writing was super, amazingly amazing! If you want to read it for yourself, why not check out our Year 6 'gallery'. It's a piece of writing that deserves its place on that section of our website! Well done George!


Hello Miss Kelly, home school is not fun its lonely because I can't see my friends but today I did the task 2 on English named "What is the frog daydreaming about?" so came up with this... The green, weak frog is daydreaming about being a muscular frog with wings. his dream house which is a five storey lily pad and being a.....toad


Our response:

We know your friends will all be missing you too Ben. We've sorry to hear you're feeling so lonely and that you're not enjoying yourself at home. We really hope we can be back together again soon. On the up side, we love your imaginative ideas about the frog! Why don't you try to turn your thoughts into a story?


Hi, I made this video. Enjoy


Our response:

Wow, wow, wow, Lily! We have no words! You are an absolute superstar! What a great voice over too! We love it! Year 6, we can't recommend this video to you enough! Take a look!


Is it ok that i usually do my maths, grammar and English in the CGP SATs practice books (even though there may not be SATs this year)?


Our response:

That's absolutely fine George! It will all help you when you move on to your next school!


This is what I thought the frog was daydreaming of.


I lay back on my slimy, green lily pad and slowly floated across the pond that was covered in frog spawn. This was such a boring life. Day after day I floated aimlessly, doing nothing. Sometimes i dreamed of being able to go anywhere. It was a nice dream, if only it was reality. My lily pad bumped into the edge of the pond and i slipped in all the slime despite my extremely slimy body and fell. I fell and fell and fell until I landed on my leafy bed. My eyes drooped and i fell into a deep sleep...


I soared through the sky looking down upon all of the other frogs who had the sad, uneventful life that I used to have. I hoped that one day, this would come to each of them too. I had always dreamt of being to go anywhere. But now that it was reality, i honestly didn’t know where to go. I thought about going abroad and seeing the world. I started gliding through London where I saw Big Ben and Paul’s Cathedral. Was that Buckingham Palace? Without warning, I suddenly started plummeting down, down, down. What was happening?! “Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!” Just as I was about to hit the ground and die, I awoke with a jolt. There i was, o9n my bed, back in the boring life.


Sorry that i keep writing stuff!!! I hope I’m not a bother. 😂😂😂


Our response:

You're never a bother George! What a wonderful short story! I love the descriptive techniques that you used in your writing here! Simply brilliant! Well done!


 Good morning!! It’s the end of Week 5 (I think). Do you have any ideas for fun activities that I could do when my parents work from home during a break? On Sundays we have done lots of gardening and when my mu shows me how i will send a document of the photos.


Our response:

Hi George! We now have a Class 15 email address that you can send your photos to (as attachments). Look out for your email from Miss Kelly over the next few days so that you can send your reply. It will come to either your mum or dad's email account. Miss Kelly has a few suggestions for you about what you could do with your spare time! She says:


He could finish his art project creating an Antoni Gaudi style building design. It must be inspired by nature and gothic art (George loves dragons so the scales are good) and be mixed media, including mosaic! Mixed media means lots of different techniques used such as sketching and shading, pencils, felt tips, paints, collage. I remember George had a really good design plan in his sketch book!


He could keep a diary about isolation that can act as a time capsule and inform future historians about what life was like in isolation during Covid 19.


He could create his own quest book, and in doing so, his own fantasy world. He loves doing these quest books where you answer riddles and it instructs you to go to a page number and then there is another game/problem to be solved. He could base his world on those that he already loves e.g. Lord of the Rings, the Magical world of Harry Potter. He can design a map to show  the extent of the world! And a glossary for different creatures and species within in. He would LOVE that.


Hello Miss Potter and Mrs Cumberpatch. I hope you are all ok. It is very strange not being at school, I miss you, but I have really enjoyed being at home. When it was sunny I had a tent in the garden to work in. Mum got me some headphones, so after doing my work, I can talk to my friends on Xbox so I don’t miss them.

I have done lots of the work you put on this website, the SAT's books, scrabble for spellings and Mobi maths scrabble, trying to beat mums scores. We watch maths and english teachers doing lessons on YouTube and we found a brilliant science website that has video lessons. I watch the lesson, answer questions and do quizzes on what I have learnt. On Friday I made an electrical circuit. I have done gardening, planting seeds, painted the fence when it was sunny and lots of baking. I hope you liked the cakes mum took to school for you. I baked them!


Our response:

Hi Matthew! It's lovely to hear from you and even better to know that you're learning so many new skills at home! What a great idea to turn a tent into your very own classroom! We loved your cakes! Thank you so much! We hope that we can see you again soon!