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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

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Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery SchoolTogether we will make a difference to the lives of our children

Home Learning with year 3 Gallery

James and Katelyn have been celebrating a very special birthday party. The perfect excuse for cake.

Guess what Katelyn's been sewing. If you can work out what it is let us know.

Guess who's been to the zoo today?

This is Bailey she is a blue roan stable show cocker spaniel (it looks like love at first sight for Caleb)

Katelyn and James are making the best of lockdown, Learning to sew, dancing in the rain and finding a well dressed postbox.

Katelyn and James have been building spaghetti and marshmallow structures (well done for not eating the marshmallows!)

We've had blossoming of rainbows and fairy dust from Ruby. Let us know when the fairies move in.

Finley's been really enjoying writing about Pokemon this week.

Katelyn's been busy baking. They look delicious! I cant wait for lock down to end so we can get back to normal (and so I can eat some of Katelyn's cakes.)

Things don't always go to plan when you're trying to home school.

Still image for this video
We were trying to make a special story video for the nursery children. Things don't always work out, but if you've failed at something today, it shows that you tried. Take care everybody x

Lydia's been communing with nature by doing some yoga and enjoying the good things in life (toasted marshmellows!)

Well done Evie-Rose
Owyn working hard
Jess has been growing plants

Mason's been creating quite the storm at home.

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Erin has been busy drawing or it designing? Future fashions for mum to create?

Finley has been doing dome research

Katelyn has been learning a really important new skill

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Well done to Katelyn and well done for blowing up, and filling such a big pool

Mia and Nathan have planted a rainbow. Can't wait for an update to see how they're growing.

Nathan and Mia enjoying the recent sunshine

A special message from Finley

Molly's been busy in the garden

Erin has been busy doing lots during this time, so far sewing, baking, felting, walks with the dog. Erin tried her face painting skills and more.

It's a Chicknic table.

Still image for this video
I've practicing my carpentry skills and my home movie skills. What new skills are you learning this week?

Joe has made sure that all my future fires are properly lit (I cheated and used a match) Beautiful hand writing by the way, well done.

Katelyn's cracking crystals (try saying that three times in a row)

Milly has made a .-. .- .. -. -... --- .-- (see if you can work out the code)

Ebony has been busy, from rainbow experiments to rollerskating via Richard Bonington's wood! Busy busy

MIa's made a friend (literally)

Katelyn's been learning about fractions in the best possible way (by baking and hopefully eating cake!)

James has been very busy, from practicing his back to school face to looking for treasure.

Sonny and a marshmallow or two

Lydia's been busy, we're looking forward to seeing the final results (but I don't think the treasure map said anything about removing wallpaper!)

Nathan's under the sea bedroom

Still image for this video
Nathan's been busy creating an undersea feel to his bedroom, watch out for sharks!

Isabelle signing her name

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Isabelle has been learning sign language and she's spelling out her name. Have a go yourself

Isabelle has been very busy from planting seeds in the garden to cooking in the kitchen.

Lacey has been on a nature hunt
Lacey's fantastic poem
Zara has been busy creating
Zara practicing her guitar skills
Keeping fit with Zara!
Sophie made some Lockdown hand prints
Anabelle's VE day bunting
Anabelle's nature bracelet
Charlie has been baking. YUM!
Charlie made a den.
Chalie's lego model.
Charlie keeping fit with Joe
Taylor has been working hard
Taylor has been keeping fit with Joe
Taylor has also been exercising on his bike
Wow Taylor! Great job!

'If My Toys Came Alive'

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Anabelle's writing this week, Well done Anabelle

Nathans Story for Under 5s

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Anabelle made an Ice Flower!
These helped Lydia when learning fractions
Lydia making a rainbow
Lydia's Rainbow art.
Eloise has been very busy. Take a look. :)

Nathan's Poem

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Nathan has written a wonderful poem. Here he is reading it with wonderful expression!
Jessica Walker's amazing Mosaic
Well done Jess!
Erin has been helping to cook at home!
What a fab den Poppy!
Owyn camping in the garden
Poppy has been helping with the gardening.
If anyone needs a gardener after lockdown- Poppy
Poppy, you are braver than Miss Tutin and Mr Rex
Owyns fantastic work on fractions! Well done!
Fantastic Owyn.

Milly's amazing keyboard skills!

Franki enjoying some art work at home
Look at Franki's wonderful picture!
Franki has been on lots of big walks!
Wow Abigail, this looks delicious!
Abigail has been very busy. Super star.
Go Abigail!
Jessica's amazing NHS lego model

At home with Year 3

Sophie had her own Roman day at home!
Sophie enjoying Roman day!
Do not mess with these 2 Romans!
A Fantastic piece of writing BY Owyn, Well done!
Well done Lydia. Looks delicious!
Jessica's wonderful creation :)
Look at this, its fantastic Jessica! Well done
Anabelle has been very helpful at home!
Anyone need any help cleaning?
Love this Anabelle!